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Why learn ASL?

There’s so many advantages and benefits and just cool things about knowing sign language!
  • You can communicate in quiet places like the library or any place where you are forced to be quiet because of monsters or bad guys but you NEED to communicate because your life depends on it.
  • You can sign in loud places like concerts, crowds, or loud dinners with family members.
  • Times when you can see someone but it’s impossible to talk to them like underwater, between glass doors, being far away.
  • No need to use a pesky old whiteboard when you get a sore throat! Just sign!
  • Signing is like a secret code! You don’t have to talk behind someone’s back, you can sign right in front of them and they don’t know what you are saying!
  • It can even lead to job opportunities such as acting, volunteer interpreting, amusement park work, conventions.
  • You can talk to babies! Babies can sign WAY before they know how to speak. That means cutting down on the screaming and the crying!

Topics Covered In The Course

Everything that you will have MASTERED by the end of the training!


Never forget the alphabet ever again


Be able to count to any number


Remember all the colors


Learn all the common food signs

Sentence Structure

Form phrases with ease

Over 300 words!

Master the top 300 words


Become a fingerspelling expert

Talking in ASL

Be able to actually talk to people in ASL!

What is Signing Hope?

Yes I want to learn ASL!

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"I have wanted to know sign language for years but never knew what resources to use! Signing Hope made learning so easy and fun at the same time!"


"Signing Hope is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve been able to sign with my friends in all kinds of situations! ASL is so useful! Thanks Signing Hope"


Hope Hite -

When I first wanted to know ASL, I had no idea where to start! If it’s Spanish, there is Rosetta Stone, but there was nothing like that for ASL. 

Because I had to rely on multiple sources all over the internet to try and learn ASL, I was always worried that I was learning something incorrectly. How do I know that it is accurate?

Remembering vocabulary was also an issue! I would study the top 100 words, foods, questions, and other basic vocabulary for hours but I always forgot the signs.

I mean this is 2018 surely there must be a better way. Since I couldn’t find one, I created one. So you don’t have to go through all the struggles that I did.

I wish I had THIS foundational resource when I first started, it would have saved a TON of time and frustration, not to mention the cost! Learning a language should be fun! ASL is fun! Signing Hope is fun!

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